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Blinx is a cat who uses time to kill stuff and get things to go his way. His main line is "Hee ya bash!", but sometimes he says stuff like "Mewoo", "Boodghisma hahay!", "Yes!", and "HHH-Woah!". Blinx sometimes likes to eat cookies with catnip and milk according to one of the game's instruction books. Anyways, off the topic of Blinx, have you ever had time crystals for dinner? They are just like chips and taste great. You should have some...

Similarly, Chronoblobs make a good substitute for jellybeans. They taste like candy, but might leave an explosive feeling inside of you 10 minutes later because they explode. And did you know that if you swim in Deja Vu Canals as Bubsy, he will eventually melt into the water? No wonder he wasn't able to show up here.

In Blinx 3 episode II, Gex can easily be defeated using Blinx's super-sweep broom upgrade. Just whack Gex out the door and he never comes back, even on replays. Instead, a hologram of him does (Which goes down in one hit because he wants you to move on with the story).

In the hidden Blinx story in Sonic Adventure 3, if you press up, down, left, right, A, Start Blinx will say "Wrong cheat, loser!" before the game says you need a second controller to continue. This is a reference to the press black and white on controller 2 to skip a stage cheat in Blinx: the time sweeper.

If you choose the "hack into Microsoft's servers" option during the fight the enemies mission in Blinx 4, you will be teleported to jail in real life. Have fun! However, as long as you say the secret yoga codeword hidden under the bed, you can get back to your house but now as the opposite gender. This feature was showed of at E4 2030 in which it was used as a debug feature to show off the Xbox Series Sex, but was accidentally left in.

Sometimes playing Blinx 3 at the same time as Paper Mario crashes Paper Mario.

Drinx the time sweeper was Microsoft's attempt at making an edgy version of Blinx back in 2050 so people would come back. It was the worst game in the series, making Bubsy 3D remastered be the best selling game of the year. Sonic also killed Drinx at the end, so I guess he won't be coming back. Sonic is a fast food sandwich in this game as well. Naoto Ohshima's son created this design... Probably the best part of the game and the most well thought out thing I have ever seen. (Fast food! is the first level he appears in)

Scooby Doo must unmask Man Ray in Blinx 5 for the secret ending. Blinx was Man Ray the entire time and also Bubsy happens to have been Patrick throughout seasons 4 to 9. No wonder he got so annoying there! Man Ray's outfit was found out to be made by Rayman after learning sewing in a new game for an old console, Rayman Does Housework for the retro console "Nintendo DS".

In Super Fight Blinx, you can use the same combo from earlier to spawn a random time monster that will break time around your enemies. Bubsy is immune to this, so watch out! If you attack Bubsy with it, he takes out his dialogue sheet and screams it back at the monster you made and it freezes Blinx or the CEO. If you play as Sonic, you will fall apart because you are a sandwich and sandwiches aren't known for staying together all that well.

In Sonic Mania's "Welcome to the Blinx World" update, if you take out a gun and point it at Shadow the Hedgehog, shadow will yell "Damn, not here!" before running at you and saying chaos blast to kill you. This also uninstalls the update and forces you to play through Sonic Forces to reinstall it.

Eggman cooks eggs at the end of Blinx 6, but also throws them at you to keep you away. If you catch one without breaking it, you can put it into a gun and shoot his dinner off the cliff next to him to start a boss fight. He teams up with Sonic to absolutely destroy you and if you lose he breaks into the Time Factory and becomes a janitor to clean up the mess he made.

In Danganronpa 5, Blinx makes a cameo appearance in the ultimate crossover showdown trial. He appears between Batman and Abraham Lincoln and has 4 lines.